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100 days – Day 78: “Don’t mention the score….”

100 days – Day 78: the morning after the night before…….


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Wanted, dead or alive (preferably the former), by 201,398,858 angry people: Phil the Fail, masquerading as a football manager 




Product recall in Brazil

Product Recall in Brazil


Scotland prepares to welcome Asylum seekers

UK Home Office considers application from new asylum seekers


“I think that I’ll start watching the Hobos next season – they managed to lose by only 5-1”



“Adios, Amigos!”

100 days – Day 68: football has no morals; Strachan nails it…. well said, Gordon!

100 days: Day 68 – Football Morals

Scotland manager says football has no morals and that Suarez would welcomed back with open arms by Liverpool fans should he remain at Anfield

Gordon Strachan has claimed that football has no morals and suggested that despite Luis Suárez‘s latest indiscretion he would be welcomed back with open arms by Liverpool fans should he remain at Anfield.

The Scotland manager, speaking on ITV ahead of Thursday’s Group G clash between Belgium and South Korea, said Uruguay‘s willingness to defend their striker in the wake of his nine game and four month ban was understandable and no different to what anyone would do when faced with the loss of a star player.



Luis Suarez reaction show that football has no morals, claims Gordon Strachan

“We give Uruguay stick about defending [Suárez], but every manager defends his player,” said Strachan.

“People talk about morals – we don’t have any morals in football. Let’s get that right.

“Over the years I have played there has been wife-batterers, drink-driving incidents, infidelity, Eric Cantona jumping into the crowd and kung-fu-ing someone in the chest. The clubs stand by them.

“The supporters themselves, when these guys come back, they stand up and applaud them on the pitch.

“So don’t anybody start talking about morals – we don’t have any in football.

“If these things had been done by youth team players – who don’t have any importance to the first team – they get sacked.

“But because they can bring in merchandise and bring in money, then they will back them to the hilt.”



100 days – Day 64: Jaws

100 days – Day 64: Jaws



Helen and I saw this movie in Stirling when it first came out.  She was so traumatised by it that she had to have a large gin and tonic when we got home!  Well, that was her excuse, anyhow.


Last night, I watched “The Retun of Jaws” on TV – the World Cup game between Uruguay and Italy, during which – with the score at 0-0 – Luis Suárez appeared to bite his Italian opponent, Chellini Giorgio , on the shoulder.

I learned this morning that Fifa has opened disciplinary proceedings against the Uruguay biter….sorry, striker.

If “Jaws” (he’s got past form in sinking his fangs into opponent’s bodies) is found guilty, then he could face a very lengthy ban from playing.

Uruguay went on to win the game 1-0, a result that knocked the 2006 champions out of the World Cup

Stating the bleeding obvious,  senior Fifa official Michel D’Hooge told the BBC that “biting is not compatible with normal football practice”.  Really?!!!!

Meanwhile, after the match, “Jaws” had no comment to make, as he sipped from a phial containing what looked like a Bloody Mary.

I have a solution to this disgraceful incident!   In future, Senor Suárez  should take to the field, wearing this neat accessory to his playing kit:






And, remember, folks…….

images (2)


You couldn’t make it up: the referee was the  Mexican  Marco Rodríguez – whose nickname happens to be Dracula!!!!

100 days – Day 59: Engerlandshire

100 days – Day 59: World Cup, England

Is England the new Scotland?

Do you remember how often – in whatever tournament or qualifying round, we had to await, nail bitingly, the outcome of other results to ensure that we went through?

I remember one glorious World Cup qualifier (in 1985 for the World Cup in Mexico, 1986) , when we had to play Australia who were the winners of the Oceanic Group, to qualify for the  actual competition.


The Tartan Army descended en masse Down Under.  One day, with no other sporting activity to entertain them, some of them went to watch a tennis tournament, in which – that day – John McInroe was playing and being his brattish best.

Every complaint by Mac was jeered and mocked by the Scots in the crowd. And when he was eventually beaten, and started to pick up his gear and leave the Court, the Tartan Army burst into song: “Cheerio! Cheerio! Cheerio!”





An England fan lies on the platform of Sao Paulo’s Pedro II metro station after travelling to Brazil to see his team lose their first two group games to Italy and Uruguay

Anyhow, after last night’s defeat in Brazil by Uruguay – here’s the convoluted scheme of things that might, just might, allow England to stay on:


England lose to Uruguay…

… and Italy beat Costa Rica: England stay in the World Cup (but rely on other results in the final round)

England go bottom of the table behind Costa Rica on 3 points and Uruguay on 3 points. Italy head the group with 6 points.

And then what?

England have to beat Costa Rica in the last game, and hope that Italy beat Uruguay.  Goal difference would then separate England, Costa Rica and Uruguay.

… and Italy draw with Costa Rica: ENGLAND EXIT THE WORLD CUP IMMEDIATELY

England move bottom of the group on 0 points behind Costa Rica and Italy on 4 and Uruguay on 3 points.  There is no mathematical possibility of qualification from this position.

And then what?

It’s over. Properly, finally over. The Costa Rica game becomes irrelevant to England fans.


England move to the bottom of the table on 0 points.  Costa Rica lead the group with 6 points, with Italy and Uruguay both on 3 points. England can reach 3 points by beating Costa Rica, but one of Italy and Uruguay must end up with at least 4.

And then what?

“Cheerio! Cheerio! Cheerio!”







100 days – Day 58: Hearts v Raith Rovers, 8 November fixture

100 days – Day 58: McCrae’s Own


The new fixture list for the Scottish Champions League was unveiled yesterday.  For a while, in order to commemorate the selfless and sacrificial contribution of players from  Hearts and Raith Rovers to the First World War, there has been a campaign to have the two current sides meet this year in November.

For once, the powers- that- be have listened and, at Tynecastle, on 8 November this year, the two sides will play each other


Saturday 8th November 2014
Hearts v Raith Rovers 


 Do not ask where Hearts are playing and then look at me askance. If it’s football that you’re wanting, you must come with us to France!

Sir George McCrae


 16th Bn. Royal Scots (McCrae’s Battallion) Memorial at Contalmaison, Somme, France

When war was declared in August 1914, the football season was already under way. As men rushed to arms, many questioned why football was continuing.

In Scotland, the bulk of this wrath was reserved for the top team in the country, and as fate would have it, in 1914 that team was Heart of Midlothian.

Letters were written to the press – the Edinburgh Evening News published one, signed ‘A soldier’s daughter’, which suggested that ‘while Hearts continue to play football, enabled thus to pursue their peaceful play by the sacrifice of the lives of thousands of their countrymen, they might accept, temporarily, a nom de plume, say “The White Feathers of Midlothian”.’

Hearts had made the most emphatic start to a season  by winning their first eight league fixtures, attracting criticism for continuing the ‘awful farce of football’ 





In November 1914 the well-respected local businessman and former MP Sir George McCrae launched an appeal to the young men of Edinburgh to join his own battalion for active duty in the field. McCrae’s ambitious aim to source a full unit within just 7 days sounded fanciful, but his confidence was justified as thirteen professional players contracted to Heart of Midlothian answered his call. They were the first football club in Britain to do so.

Within days, hundreds of the club’s supporters began to follow the example of their team.

McCrae’s Battalion quickly managed to attract a full complement of 1,350 recruits – including a great number of football players and supporters of rival clubs such as Hibernian, Raith Rovers, Falkirk and Dunfermline. The example set by the Hearts players had proved pivotal. McCrae’s Own – the original sportsmen’s battalion was born.





Disappointingly for the men in maroon, the 1914/15 league title would head westwards to a Celtic side free from the rigours of military training. Missing out on silverware, however, would pale in comparison to Hearts’ true sacrifice .



The Battle of the Somme on July 1st 1916 saw McCrae’s Own suffering massive losses as they battled bravely to try and capture the ruined village of Contalmaison.

 Hearts players Harry Wattie, Duncan Currie, Ernie Ellis, Jimmy Speedie, Jimmy Body, Tom Gracie and John Allan all perished during the Great War. Paddy Crossan and Robert Mercer eventually suffered from the effects of wartime gassing, while Alfie Briggs was crippled in action and never played again.


Seven Raith Rovers players (James H Logan, George McLay, Willie Porter, Willie Lavery, Jimmy Todd, Jimmy Scott and Jock Rattray) also  joined up, and three  players (Todd, Scott and McLay) paid the ultimate sacrifice. . Ten other Raith  players also enlisted for service in other regiments during the Great War.

 Over 100 lads from Dunfermline also answered the call of King and Country, and joined the battalion at the outset of the First World War.








100 days – Day 29

100 days – Day 29 

More about tea!

Today will be a long one: up earlier than usual this morning, as, once more, I forgot to put the bin out.  Back indoors – and on with the kettle.  I’m now on my third cuppa of Whittard’s Russian Caravan, and there will be a few more gallons downed before noon.

And it has to be STRONG tea – none of the wishy-washy stuff that Morrissey drinks:


 I found this quote about weak tea quite amusing:

“I thought there was a hair in my tea but it turned out there was a crack in the bottom of the cup.” ~anonymous~


It’s a morning of sermon preparation – and that usually means procrastination and pit stops (or should that be PG Tipstops?) ; it’s so easy, and sometimes necessary for a tea break!

This afternoon sees an important debate at the General Assembly.  Hopefully, it will be conducted graciously and without rancour.  Now, if the main protagonists could just sit down over a nice cup of tea, a “balm in Gilead”, who knows what a becalming influence it could be.



This evening, it’s Hamilton Accies v the Hobos in the first leg of the final play-offs for Premiership

 Somehow, I don’t think that it will be tea that I’ll be drinking!




100 days – Day 18

100 days – Day18 ….. In Embra today to see my son, Richard, and granddaughter, Cora.


 Painting by Mike Jeffries – Edinburgh Tram 1953







Playing less than a mile away:  Hibs…….For the vermin support at Fester Road, it could be the “End of the Line”.  Hobos 0 – Killie 1.  Hibs in the play off zone .  End of the line?


Yes, I know that the tram line goes as far as York Place, and will open at the end of May  BUT originally it was to carry on down Leith Walk and end at Granton.  The spur up the Bridges and on to the Royal Infirmary is never even mentioned these days.

if it does go to Leith, at least it won’t go down Fester Road – imagine the green and white mess that the tram company would have to wipe off the front of their shiny new vehicles – caused by disconsolate Hibees throwing themselves in front of the trams in despair?



100 days – Day 3



A major Rangers shareholder, Sandy Easdale,  told BBC Scotland yesterday that the financial situation at Ibrox is “fragile”.
“The club’s gone into administration once… I don’t think it would survive a second one”

Additionally, a senior source within Ibrox has described the League One champions as “being on a life-support machine”.




Nowadays, where are the men who are loyal to their club – people of honesty and integrity?  One such was Sandy Jardine, a gentleman and a most skilled player for Glasgow Rangers, my own team – Hearts – and, of course, Scotland.  I awoke this morning to the news that he had died last night.  He was only 65.

A commentator has written that it was not just his talent that set him apart, but his his sense of right and wrong

He was a quiet man but a strong one, and was respected throughout the footballing community for his decency and moral courage

How unlike the spivs and wide boys who hijacked his beloved Club and dragged it down into the murky regions of allegedly dodgy dealing and financial peril.

RIP, Sandy Jardine, player par excellence and all round decent bloke.




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