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100 days – Day 12 (sausages are the boys – part 2)

100 days - Day.     (sausages are the boys - part 2)


100 days – Day 12: sausages are the boys (in blue)


THE case against a barman accused of serving one roll and sausage too few to undercover police ordering an early-morning pint collapsed in chaos yesterday.

Allan Gallacher, 59, walked free when a sheriff rejected the Crown’s request for another continuation – after the witnesses involved in the “sting operation” once again failed to appear at what was the sixth hearing.

It’s estimated £25,000 of public money was wasted on the criminal prosecution over a 30p roll and sausage.

Speaking at the end of his 19-month ordeal, which also included a High Court appeal, Allan said: “The whole thing has been a nightmare.

“Each time I appeared in court, I had to tell myself it was because I was short of one roll and sausage for a guy who turned out to be an undercover cop.

“I made an honest mistake on a busy day when the chef was off ill and I ended up being dragged through the courts.”

The dad of three from Blantyre, Lanarkshire, was snared for serving pints to two undercover officers – known only as Archie and Davie – at 8.15am at the Empire Bar in Glasgow with one roll and sausage instead of two.

Licensee John Longeran, a football agent, was also arrested and both men were charged for allegedly breaching the city’s licensing laws by serving alcohol without a breakfast.

The Empire had its breakfast licence revoked by Glasgow City Council after the incident on September 25, 2012, which meant Allan lost his job.

John also walked free from Glasgow Sheriff Court yesterday after the men were formally cleared of two charges under the Licensing Scotland Act 2005.

The case called in the sheriff court on February 7, November 13 and November 26 last year, April 16, April 30 and yesterday.

But a video ID parade still hadn’t been carried out – and the Crown weren’t even sure whether one of the anonymous officers, who were due to give evidence from behind screens, was in the country.

Prosecutor Derek Buchanan called for the case to be continued as the witnesses weren’t present.

But Bob McCormack, defending, who earlier failed in a High Court bid to have the case thrown out, strenuously opposed any further proceedings.

Sheriff Neil MacKinnon agreed, saying: “Given the proceedings’ history, it will not be appropriate to grant the motion from the Crown.”

The accused, who were both standing in the dock, were told they were free to go.

Allan said: “If it wasn’t so serious, I’d call it a pantomime.

“I’d never seen the inside of a court until this farce began. I thought the police were meant to chase murderers.”

The outcome is particularly embarrassing for Police Scotland at a time when resources are stretched and when the old Strathclyde police region has at least 33 unsolved murders.

A Police Scotland spokeswoman said: “We’re aware of the court’s decision. We will continue to take action where alleged breaches of licensing and conditions are found.”

The Crown Office said: “We will give careful consideration to the decision of the court.”

(from the Daily Record)

100 days – Day 10: “Sausages is (sic) the boys”



A breakfast this morning of sausages, bacon and egg.  For some reason the late Scottish comedian, Jimmy Logan’s catchphrase, “Sausages is the boys”  came into mind.  I used to listen to him and Stanley Baxter way back in the 1950s and early 60’s on the old steam radio.

“Sausages is the boys”  I guess it means that sausages are the best, the bees’s knees, manna…. whatever.  “Sausages is the boys”  – in other words, “ye cannae whack them!”   (mind you, who would want to whack a sausage?  Don’t answer that!)

Originally, however, the catchphrase (in this case, “Sausages ARE the boys!“)  belonged to Tommy Lorne from whom, it’s been suggested, square-sliced-sausage was named.  Tommy Lorne was another Scotch comedian of an earlier generation than Logan or Baxter.  He  lived from 1890 and died in 1935, and loved his sausages.






He often ate a sausage sandwich between his acts.  It has even been suggested that not only were Lorne Sausages named after Tommy Lorne and to give people an easy to make sausage sandwich, but that Tommy Lorne was the inventor of the Lorne Sausage.

Whoever did come up with the original recipe for Lorne Sausage is owed a debt of gratitude to many Scots.  The shape and size is perfect to fit between two slices of bread to make the perfect sausage piece.



There’s an old Scottish song about sausages which I particularly like:  it’s called  “I Love a Sausage”


I love a sausage, a big boloney sausage,
If ye saw it ye wad fancy it yersel,
If ye fry it with an ingin,
Ye can hear the sausage singin’,
“Mary, my Scots Bluebell”.
I had a sausage, a bonny, bonny sausage,
I put it in the oven for my tea.
I went down to the cellar
To get the salt and pepper,
And the sausage ran after me.
I love a cookie
A Co’perative cookie
A haill big cookie to masel:
Ye squeeze oot the cream
And hear the cookie scream–
Mary, my Scots Bluebell!

I love a cabbage,
A Co’perative cabbage
A haill big cabbage to masel:
Ye cut oot the hairt
And gie it to your tairt
Mary, my Scots bluebell!

I love an aipple
A Co’perative aipple
A haill big aipple to masel:
Ye cut it up in qua’ers
And gie it to the squa’ers–
Mary, my Scots bluebell!

I love an ingan
A Co’perative ingan
A haill big ingan to masel:
Ye fry it wi’ a sausage
And hear the ingan singan’–
Mary, my Scots bluebell!
I love a cookie, a Co-operative cookie,
Tho’ ye cannae get near it for the smell;
If ye spread it wi’ some syrup,
Ye’ll hear the syrup chirrup,
“Mary, ma Scots Bluebell.”

I love a sausage, a Co-operative sausage,
Tho’ ye cannae get near it for the smell;
If ye fry it wi’ an ingin,
Ye’ll hear the ingin singin’,
“Mary, ma Scots Bluebell.”

I love some breid, some Co-operative breid,
Tho’ ye cannae get near it for the smell;
If ye spread it wi’ some butter,
Ye’ll hear the butter mutter,
“Mary, ma Scots Bluebell.”



or how about this one from the 1920s?
 “The Sausage Song”

Turn me over, turn me over,
I’m waiting to be done the other side.
Turn me over, turn me over,
Remember Sausages have got some pride;
I’ve got no lovely clothes, I’ve got no silken hose,
But in my skin I’m welcome far and wide.
Turn me over, turn me over,
I’m waiting to be done the other side!




It used to be that sausages contained a lot of filler and little meat.   Bags of mystery was a term for sausages from 1850.  There used to be no regulatory control over sausage production, and a vast variety of unsavoury items were often added during Victorian times, left over scraps of meat and even sawdust regularly filled the linings, so this very apt phrase came into being. These days sausage contents are monitored but rusk is still routinely added as filler.


A customer complained to her butcher about the sausages she had bought from him last week.
“They were all meat at one end, and all bread at the other.”
“I’m sorry, madam,” said the butcher.

“In these times of recession, it’s difficult to make both ends meat.”


Why are they sometimes called Bangers?


After the outbreak of World War I, food shortages led to a dramatic reduction of meat, of any sort, in sausages.
Instead, producers packed them out with scraps, cereal and water, which caused them to pop and hiss when cooked on shovels over open fires in the trenches of northern Europe — hence ‘bangers’.





  Sausages are indeed THE BOYS!


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