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100 days – Day 82: World Cup Final

100 days – Day 82: Argentina v Germany (World Cup Final)




 Whose prayers will the Big Referee Upstairs heed ?

100 days – Day 78: “Don’t mention the score….”

100 days – Day 78: the morning after the night before…….


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Wanted, dead or alive (preferably the former), by 201,398,858 angry people: Phil the Fail, masquerading as a football manager 




Product recall in Brazil

Product Recall in Brazil


Scotland prepares to welcome Asylum seekers

UK Home Office considers application from new asylum seekers


“I think that I’ll start watching the Hobos next season – they managed to lose by only 5-1”



“Adios, Amigos!”

100 days – Day 77

100 days – Day 77 

‘Colourful football shoes made World Cup a homosexual abomination,’ says Russian priest

(headline in today’s Independent)


football boots



Priest Alexander Shumsky seems to have taken particular exception to the brightly colored footwear on display in Brazil, writing in his column on Christian website Russian People’s Line that players who wear green, yellow, pink or blue shoes helped promote the “gay rainbow.”




“Wearing pink or blue shoes, [the players] might as well wear women’s panties or a bra,” Shumsky wrote, adding that he was also offended by the “unthinkable” hairstyles of some of the players in Brazil.




 (pity we can’t see their shoes; nice dresses though!)


a footnote (sorry!) It could have been worse: ……..



100 days – Day 69: Ramadan and the World Cup

100 days – Day 69: Ramadan and the World Cup




Ramadan coincides for the first time since 1986 with the World Cup. The 30-day period of fasting and prayer, which requires dawn to dusk abstinence from food, drink and sex, began on Saturday and is expected to end July 28.

Today – Monday, 30 June – will be particularly difficult for two particular teams – and especially Algeria.  99% of Algerians are Sunni Muslims – so, presumably, this statistic is the same for their national football team.  Their opponents in this 16th round draw are Germany, within whose player ranks are the likes of  Mesut Ozil, Sami Khedira, and Shkodran Mustafi – all Muslims.

According to AFP (h/t France24), the majority of Algeria’s players have decided to fast in spite of the potential health risks posed, particularly dehydration and associated potential injuries.

Brazilian physiologist Turibio Leite worked with athletes in Dubai during Ramadan for a number of years.

“When I lived there we couldn’t force the athletes to train without eating, so we trained during the night,” he said.

Luckily, daylight in Brazil adds up to only 11 hours, compared to 16 hours in Europe and England, which may give players a degree of respite.




Luckily, the disgraced Louis Suarez is not a Muslim


100 days – Day 64: Jaws

100 days – Day 64: Jaws



Helen and I saw this movie in Stirling when it first came out.  She was so traumatised by it that she had to have a large gin and tonic when we got home!  Well, that was her excuse, anyhow.


Last night, I watched “The Retun of Jaws” on TV – the World Cup game between Uruguay and Italy, during which – with the score at 0-0 – Luis Suárez appeared to bite his Italian opponent, Chellini Giorgio , on the shoulder.

I learned this morning that Fifa has opened disciplinary proceedings against the Uruguay biter….sorry, striker.

If “Jaws” (he’s got past form in sinking his fangs into opponent’s bodies) is found guilty, then he could face a very lengthy ban from playing.

Uruguay went on to win the game 1-0, a result that knocked the 2006 champions out of the World Cup

Stating the bleeding obvious,  senior Fifa official Michel D’Hooge told the BBC that “biting is not compatible with normal football practice”.  Really?!!!!

Meanwhile, after the match, “Jaws” had no comment to make, as he sipped from a phial containing what looked like a Bloody Mary.

I have a solution to this disgraceful incident!   In future, Senor Suárez  should take to the field, wearing this neat accessory to his playing kit:






And, remember, folks…….

images (2)


You couldn’t make it up: the referee was the  Mexican  Marco Rodríguez – whose nickname happens to be Dracula!!!!

100 days – Day 59: Engerlandshire

100 days – Day 59: World Cup, England

Is England the new Scotland?

Do you remember how often – in whatever tournament or qualifying round, we had to await, nail bitingly, the outcome of other results to ensure that we went through?

I remember one glorious World Cup qualifier (in 1985 for the World Cup in Mexico, 1986) , when we had to play Australia who were the winners of the Oceanic Group, to qualify for the  actual competition.


The Tartan Army descended en masse Down Under.  One day, with no other sporting activity to entertain them, some of them went to watch a tennis tournament, in which – that day – John McInroe was playing and being his brattish best.

Every complaint by Mac was jeered and mocked by the Scots in the crowd. And when he was eventually beaten, and started to pick up his gear and leave the Court, the Tartan Army burst into song: “Cheerio! Cheerio! Cheerio!”





An England fan lies on the platform of Sao Paulo’s Pedro II metro station after travelling to Brazil to see his team lose their first two group games to Italy and Uruguay

Anyhow, after last night’s defeat in Brazil by Uruguay – here’s the convoluted scheme of things that might, just might, allow England to stay on:


England lose to Uruguay…

… and Italy beat Costa Rica: England stay in the World Cup (but rely on other results in the final round)

England go bottom of the table behind Costa Rica on 3 points and Uruguay on 3 points. Italy head the group with 6 points.

And then what?

England have to beat Costa Rica in the last game, and hope that Italy beat Uruguay.  Goal difference would then separate England, Costa Rica and Uruguay.

… and Italy draw with Costa Rica: ENGLAND EXIT THE WORLD CUP IMMEDIATELY

England move bottom of the group on 0 points behind Costa Rica and Italy on 4 and Uruguay on 3 points.  There is no mathematical possibility of qualification from this position.

And then what?

It’s over. Properly, finally over. The Costa Rica game becomes irrelevant to England fans.


England move to the bottom of the table on 0 points.  Costa Rica lead the group with 6 points, with Italy and Uruguay both on 3 points. England can reach 3 points by beating Costa Rica, but one of Italy and Uruguay must end up with at least 4.

And then what?

“Cheerio! Cheerio! Cheerio!”







100 days – Day 56: Soccer

100 days – Day 56:   Soccer

Stayed up beyond 1.00 am watching the World Cup game: Ghana v’s USA – and delighted with the outcome.  Well done, our former Colonial sons.

Soccer – football to us – doesn’t grab the attention of Americans, as much as it does most of the rest of the world.

For most, it’s a religion; in America, it tends to be what prepubescent girls play – escorted and encouraged by their “soccer moms” 





 USA beat Ghana 2-1, with sub John Brooks scoring late headed winner



After the match his Wikipedia page was repeatedly hacked into. First he was described as “the greatest American since Abraham Lincoln”.  That then became “the greatest American since Evil Knievel, Bill Clinton and Abe Lincoln”. Finally he was “a god among men”, before Wikipedia put a stop to the changes


At the moment, I’m reading this excellent book – and recommend that you buy it




On July 30, 1966, nine million American viewers tuned in to watch the FIFA World Cup Final on the NBC channel. It was the first stand-alone broadcast of a soccer game on U.S. network television, and England’s pulsating extra-time win over West Germany left the audience enthralled..

Within weeks, two groups of North American sports promoters were seeking to tap into soccer’s newfound popularity by launching rival professional leagues – the National Professional Soccer League and the United Soccer Association. The inaugural USA tournament featured 10 European teams and two from South America jetting across the continent from the end of May to mid-July. Aberdeen, Dundee United and Hibernian arrived from Scotland. Stoke City, Sunderland and Wolverhampton Wanderers represented England. Top Serie A side Cagliari came from Italy boasting Italian national team forwards Roberto Boninsegna and Luigi Riva. ADO Den Haag traveled from the Netherlands, Rio state champions Bangu from Brazil and Cerro from Uruguay. Glentoran and Shamrock Rovers, two semi-professional clubs from north and south of the Irish border, completed the line-up.

Legendary Wolves striker Derek Dougan led his team to the Western Division crown under the guise of the Los Angeles Wolves. Aberdeen, representing the Washington Whips and boasting U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson as a season ticket holder, won the Eastern Division with a young team including future Manchester United captain Martin Buchan and American college soccer coaching guru Bobby Clark. The Wolves and the Whips produced an epic encounter at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum on July 14, 1967 to determine who would become the first, and ultimately only, United Soccer Association champions.

It was the greatest soccer final played on American soil. “Summer Of ’67” charts the story of the tournament’s creation and demise, and recalls the experiences of its participants including Buchan, Clark, former Hibernian and Liverpool midfielder Peter Cormack, Stoke legend Terry Conroy and ex-Wolves winger Terry Wharton. Sixteen players from eight clubs share their memories of the capers, the gimmicks, the celebrity brushes and the games that combined to provide them with the trip of a lifetime

(publisher’s description)


Perhaps, after the USA soccer team’s performance in the World Cup, we’ll see a revival.


Oh, and as an afterthought….. perhaps a certain Glaswegian football team, which is in some degree of off-field turmoil, could reinvent itself “across the pond” – as the “Newco Bears”? (I’m sure that that some of Mr Blatter’s nice colleagues could be “persuaded”)




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